About me

My name is Anthony Caillon, I chose Anthony-C as my artist name. I was born in 1982 in Brest, France. I am an illustrator in the fields of automotive and mechanical. My studio is located near Orleans in the Loiret.

As a child, drawing was not a passion but I spent a lot of time in front of a sheet of paper with a pencil in my hands. In Plastic Art, without being particularly diligent, I easily obtained very good grades, which allowed me to keep my report cards clean.

As a teenager, while watching television, I discovered a certain Schumacher at the wheel of the Ferrari, fighting a duel with Hill. A passion was born, cars and mechanical sports. At the end of high school I had to make a choice about what to do next. I had two choices, Applied Arts or Mechanics. I chose to put down my pencils and become a mechanic. I regretted it, I realized that I liked it but that I was not made for this environment. I tried to go back to art school but the doors were definitely closed.

After my studies, I had the opportunity to live a life rich in professional experiences. As the years went by, the routine gave way to pressure. Urged by my wife and my family, I took up drawing again in my free time to relax. I had the opportunity to develop several creative projects before discovering alcohol markers. Not knowing how to use them properly, I watched some tutorials on Youtube. After a few laborious tests I made my first car illustrations. Soon after, my first customers ordered their cars and I decided to devote all my time to this activity.

The beginnings were not easy but I had a lot of support. In particular, I was lucky enough to have my illustrations published in 12 issues of Auto Moto magazine published in 2018. I warmly thank Lionel Robert who was at the time the editorial director of the magazine and who allowed me to publish my illustrations. The Porsche dealership of Perpignan and Toulouse invited me to exhibit a series of illustrations around the 911 and to participate in the inauguration of the Porsche 992. My work was also exhibited in partnership with the Jaguar/Maserati/Land Rover dealership in Orleans.

 Unfortunately, the COVID19 health crisis meant that many of the events I was supposed to attend were cancelled. I then focused on setting up my online store where reproductions of my work are available. This has allowed me to expand my reach and reach a wider audience from all over the world. Over 500 illustrations shipped to 17 countries by 2021.

Today, I still continue to carry out the personal orders of my customers. This allows me to meet passionate people with atypical personalitie. I will be present on the event of the US Car on September 10, 2023 in Saint Denis de l’Hôtel in the Loiret. I will exhibit and draw live. Finally, I will have a stand at Retromobile 2024 where I am sure the public will be receptive.